RESTful IFX based on version 2.4

To demonstrate the possibilities of the IFX BMS, the IFX Forum, Inc. Architecture Committee, in cooperation with the API Working Group set out to demonstrate a RESTful implementation of the IFX Business Message Specification version 2.4. This demonstrates RESTful calls which operate on REST resources based on the IFX Objects. The logic behind them is not an IFX Server, and there is no attempt to mimic the backend systems of a Financial Institution. That exercise is left for the users of the IFX business models.

Each IFX Object, as well as some pseudo objects are available as REST resources. Because of the size of the IFX BMS the REST methods are displayed by resource.

This is subject to change. IFX Forum is sharing this ALPHA version of RESTful IFX in order to gather more feedback while the Members of IFX Forum continue to review detailed proposals in the API Work Group. Your feedback is welcome at Include "RESTful IFX" in the subject line.